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The demand for wines from the top Châteaux and all of the top tier vintages, far exceeds the available supply, which is restricted by the amount that can be legally made in any given year. This high demand has resulted in a resilient market place where collectors, consumers and investors meet to follow their passion.

The market demand for fine wine is ever expanding. Combine this with the creation of the 'growth systems'  in 1855  on the command of Emperor Napoleon III. Simply put, wine is a tangible asset, a product you own outright. It is stored in your own private account, which, for our clients, builds trust and a feeling of comfort when purchasing any level of portfolio.

Fine wine is a highly desirable luxury product that many aspire to own, whether to drink with friends or to build a portfolio, because as this asset becomes rare, history has shown that incredible increases in value are likely to occur, to an extent that other assets will not provide. For those looking to profit from the portfolio it is therefore a wise choice**

Unlike other Veblen assets, such as gold, wine is regarded by many as being extremely resilient from recession and for some benefits regarding tax**

Starting a Portfolio is easy. The team are on hand to walk you through the market. We will set up a secure and independent account in a HMRC backed bonded warehouse to store your Portfolio if you require one, or wines can be delivered to your door. And if you are not sure what to buy we can help you find the very best fine wines from around the world.

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*Wine prices are best held over periods of 3+ years and prices may go down as well as up.

**Always seek professional advice for all tax implications relevant to your own account and holdings. Intercontinental Wines Ltd are not financial advisers and take all duty of care to use quote and references from reputable sources.