Auctions raise $18 Million in One Weekend and no sign of slowing!

Top of the tree continues to be a hard fought battle between the two great of the wine world, Bordeaux and Burgundy. Last week saw 4 of the major places in the auction scene selling out 9/10 lots on offer.


50 lots of the hugely popular DRC totalled HK$35M, whilst in comparison strong sales of Chateau Petrus and Chateau Lafite Rothschild.


An interview with Acker Merrall & Condit CEO John Kapon read very well for the Bordeaux region with the renewed interest in the top tier of Bordeaux Clarets.


Christies of Hong Kong (HK) showed again that the ever popular Chateau Petrus 1961 is holding strong as ever before with prices of $673,750 for 3 x Magnums.

In Chicago at Hart Davis Hart those two faithful regions in France again had increased popularity, also seing diversity from the norm in other areas.

3 Bottles of the USA top tier Screaming Eagles 1997 were sold for $13,145, a 2007 Scarecrow selling for $10,775.


So good news for all concerned. With auctions showing increased interest and stock levels falling, is 2014 the strong year it is forecast to be? TIme will tell.

David Angel
David Angel