New Release For 2013, Prices Lower Than Before?

The Firing Gun is about to start on the en primeur season. And the reviews tell us one thing..... The Chateaux need to start low on the pricing to see it received well.


With bad weather, bad press and bad first views on the new vintage all eyes are on the prices of the market sees fit to release at. This is no 1982 vintage, with many people saying mediocre at best. Yes it has the potential to improve massively but with the recent price increases at launch for the last few years, this year feel different and might not be received as well as one might hope.


There is an rumble on the Wine Drums that talk about going back to the prices of 2007, will this make the difference? Maybe, but is this going to push out the smaller Chateaux that don't have that kind of option?


Time Will Tell.

David Angel
David Angel