Global sales of Rioja wine grow by 5m 2014 Credit; Gemma McKenna

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Global sales of Rioja wine grew by 5 million bottles in 2014, hitting a new record of 281 million litres of wine, driven by a thirst for barrel-aged Rioja wines and whites.

Exports grew by 3.6% to reach 105 million litres, accounting for 37.6% of total sales. The growth was prompted by increasing demand for barrel-aged Rioja wines – which account for 62% of red sales – and he region’s white wines, up 13.7%.

The domestic market was stable, which the Consejo considers a positive outcome given Spain’s current financial situation.

In 2014, the DO Calificada Rioja sold a total of 280,789,424 million litres of wine, 90% being red wine, while the remainder is divided between rosé, accounting for 12.42 million litres, and white. The region’s white wines saw the greatest growth – up 13.7% to 14.85 million litres.

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David Angel
David Angel