A Fantastic Story of success and Profit





1982 Vintage

Robert Parker,
Wine Advocate #183 June 2009

100/100 Points

A fantastic example of how certain fine wines desirability can really go into the stratosphere. This fantastically rich and lavish fine wine has gone from strength to strength and as such the price has truly soared.

When released in the 1980's this wine started life at around £200 for a case of 12 bottle, reaching in 2011 around £33,000. For many people this would have been enough to sell. For the brave amongst us that would have kept on owning this wine and resisting the urge to drink, they would be handsomely rewarded. Today, if you can find an allocation a 12 bottle allocation would fetch over £80,000.

It is hardly surprising that people are looking to fine wine for not only an interesting collection but also a very lucrative one.

David Angel
David Angel