Fine Wine Fakes. How to Stay Safe in the Wine World

An article today covering the every growing problem in China on fake Fine wine. This is an ever growing problem and a key reason why most of the western world buyers refrain from buying wine that has a provenance track that has any hint of China.

We have seen story upon story, tale upon tale about bottles of wine like the Lafite 1982 being opened to discover it had a 1981 cork..... Alarm bells start ringing straight away.

An preferred method for Intercontinental Wines is to use the fantastic services offered by companies like London City Bond. no surprise with a skill set and experience stretching a century, and with established storage sites across the country, they are the perfect choice to store your wine.

Being held under bond your wine stay in a privately owed account under your own name, and while stored in the account remains exempt from VAT and import duty.

Sites like London City Bonds Vinotheque are able to offer a premium service, even offering online access to your asset. Here you can transfer, track and review your portfolio at the click of a button. So if have just a few cases or like many people have a vast portfolio stretching through the decades, the Bonded Warehouse is there to give you and the future buyer of your wine peace of mind.

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If you would like to find out more about setting up a bonded warehouse account, or to start a portfolio then contact the Intercontinental Wines team today on +44 (0)800 980 4509

David Angel
David Angel