Château Lafite Rothschild

Paulliac / Bordeaux / France


Regarded as the King of wines, this Château is for many, the pinnacle of the wine world. Once owned by the 3rd President of the US. This Château is one of the most consistent producers of Fine Wine. The attention to detail on production is for many unrivalled.

With Lafite Rothchilds top vintages selling for above £30,000 and record prices over £100,000 for a single bottle, it is hardly surprising that many buy them young and hold onto the them for the long term.

The first half of the 19th century saw Lafite in the hands of the Vanlerberghe family and the wine improved more with every vintage. This included the great vintages of 1795, 1798 and 1818.

On 8 August 1868, the Château was purchased by Baron James Mayer Rothschild for 4.4 million francs, and the estate became Château Lafite Rothschild. Rothschild, however, died just three months after purchasing Lafite. The estate then became the joint property of his three sons: Alphonse, Gustave, and Edmond Rothschild.

The 20th century has seen periods of success and difficulty, coping with post-phylloxeria vines, and two World Wars. During the Second World War the Château was occupied by the German army, and suffered heavily from plundering of its cellars. Succeeding his uncle Elie de Rothschild. Lafite has been under the direction of Eric de Rothschild since 1974.

In recent times, many people have begun looking to buy the lower scored wines hoping for similar progress in the future, The second wine Carruades de Lafite is one of increased demand, maybe due to the high prices or the 1st wine, or maybe just because of the outstanding quality which rivals many of the worlds 1st wines.