Terms & Conditions


Company Details


Registered Address;

Threefield House, Threefield Lane, Southampton, Hampshire, UK, SO14 3LP

Company Registration Number; 07672315

Contact Details;

+44 (0)800 980 4509 / enquiries@intercontinentalwines.com


1. Minimum Order Policy
We have a minimum order of £100 (per order, ex. VAT and duty) or a full unmixed case of 12 bottles.

2. Private Sales
Deliveries over £1,000 within mainland UK will be free of charge. Those below and outside mainland UK will be charged at cost.

3. Payment

 4. Title

Title to all wines shall remain with Intercontinental Wines Ltd until all sums due from the buyer are paid in full.

5. Non-Collection
Any wines not collected within one month of release date will be stored in our private client reserves at a cost of £9.00 plus VAT per case, per year, with a minimum rental charge of six months.

6. Quality Control
Intercontinental Wines Ltd adheres strictly to a condition code regarding all wines. All suppliers have been informed in writing that capsules and labels should be in good condition, and that ullage descriptions should conform to base neck or better. In the case of most older wines, the colour should be deemed acceptable. In the event that wines are corked or out of condition for consumption, it will be at the discretion of Intercontinental Wines Ltd that replacements be made available, without obligation. We do not purchase US strip-labelled stock or stock that has been shipped back into Europe from the Americas or Asia unless otherwise specified or specifically requested.

7. Force Majeure
The company will not be liable for failure to meet agreed obligations due to prevailing circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

8. Jurisdiction
All contracts are subject to English law and jurisdiction. All wines are offered subject to market movement and remaining unsold.

9. Duty and VAT
Wines are offered for sale under bond, but some are available duty paid. Those required for UK home use are subject to duty & VAT at the prevailing rates. Duty paid wines for export must be exported from the UK within 30 days of invoice if collected by the customer's shipper or 90 days of invoice if shipped by Intercontinental Wines Ltd, or else UK VAT will be payable by the customer.

10. Refund Policy; are available if the product is not as described, or an inadequate version of the product.