Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia Vodka is one of the purest vodkas in the world. The purest glacial spring water, the finest six-row barley and a state of the art distillation process produces an exclusive vodka with a clear refreshing taste.
The Finlandia portfolio encompasses the classic original Finlandia and four flavoured vodkas, Cranberry Fusion, Mango Fusion, Lime Fusion and new Grapefruit Fusion.
The water in every bottle of Finlandia has a single origin, a glacial spring discovered in 1888 in the Rajamaki area of Southern Finland. The pure glacial spring water is naturally filtered through moraine formed during the Ice Age which gives it an astonishing purity. The water is combined with the finest six-row barley to make Finlandia. The magic ingredient is the unique weather caused by Finland's Midnight Sun. For approximately 73 days over the summer months every year the sun never sets providing exceptional and constant growing conditions for six-row barley. The harsh, cold winters also remove all of the earth's impurities.

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