Storage & Provenance


Storage - Fully Insured, Fully Protected


The most trusted way to ensure full provenance of your Fine Wine is through a Bonded Warehouse. Private accounts are available to owners of wine as a way to store wine and spirits. If this is your first time using a bonded warehouse a member of the team can guide you through process and benefits.

Keeping fine wine stored in a quality cellar can add as much as 20% come auction day.
— Jamie Merrill - The Independent

Why Use a Bonded Warehouse?

The use of a Bonded Warehouse has many benefits, here are few;

  • Your Own Personal Account – The Bonded Warehouse can create your own personal account for storing your wines, giving you full ownership and control of you wine.

  • Provenance – The Bonded Warehouse can continue the tracked history of your wine, building confidence if you decide to sell later down the line.

  • Prooftag – Certain Wine Producers have introduced the Prooftag system to help to prevent counterfeit trading of Wine.

  • Insurance – Wines stored in a Bonded Warehouse are kept fully insured.

  • Stored Correctly – As Fine Wines can often have a life span of up to and exceeding 50yrs. Ensuring the wines are stored correctly regarding light, moisture and temperature can dramatically increase the lifespan on the wine.

  • In Bond – Whilst your wine is stored In Bond the wine has not yet paid the countries Duty's, as such if you wish to export the wine from the UK can enable you to pay a better price paid.

Wines stored in their original wooden casing (OWC) hold most market desirability and garner the best prices.